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Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services new director, Mr. John Carey.

Published 14th April 2011, 3:52pm

"Service" is the new buzzword at the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES), and the ethos of its new director, Mr. John Carey.

Since taking up the post in January, Mr. Carey has made strides in introducing a customer-focused approach. He emphasised that with the DVES' managing a fleet exceeding 900 government vehicles and equipment, customer facilitation is vital. "Our aim is to provide the best service at the most economic rate," he said.

Recognizing that achieving organisational goals requires focus, efficiency, and full participation, he added, "DVES is becoming more robust in meeting our clients' needs. But the need for prudent operations also finds us constantly seeking ways to reduce costs while still meeting our operational requirements."

Describing his leadership style, Mr. Carey said he believes in being fair yet firm - while holding people accountable. "I am results-driven and I pay close attention to meeting DVES objectives. That means ensuring that we are all responsive, proficient and productive, for we each have a part to play," he added.

He further explained that DVES' management now focuses on three goals: establishing cost-efficiencies and implementing internal policies; helping client agencies adopt more cost effective ways for fleet management, and ensuring that equipment is ready and available to maintain the local infrastructure.

And the new leadership has paid off in a renewed staff motivation to raise the bar. For instance, recent upgrades to the stores and auto mechanic areas have facilitated greater efficiencies in handling the substantial volume of work. The ability to source parts in a timely manner is especially critical to vehicle and equipment repairs, but it has also energized staff.

Stores Controller Oral Raymond noted, "Our stores department was modernised in less than two months, and this has not only improved repairs-productivity, it has also positively impacted our approach to the job."

The department's fleet management services include technical advice; the acquisition, maintenance, repair and disposal of vehicles; and fuel sales. Under the new director, DVES expects to meet or exceed client expectations in these key areas.

"Modern technology has increased our ability to meet these demands," says Higher Executive Officer Vernecia Hines. "And we expect continued improvements in our outputs."

Mr. Carey brings a wealth of experience and qualifications in leadership, management and organisational transformation to his new post. He holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Leicester in the UK, as well as a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and mathematics from Walla Walla College in Washington, USA.

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